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ARS-EFOR PRO ECG Stress Test System with Treadmill ECG Master USB Mini PC System TM Pro 2200 Treadmill for ECG Stress Test

The heart of our ECG Stress Test System is EKG Master USB mini acquisition device. 12 lead ECG data is sent to the PC via USB port. It is used with our special software StressWin Pro for ECG stress testing.

Main part of our PC based ECG systems is EKG Master USB mini-acquisition module. This module acquires 12 lead standard ECG signals and transfers them to the PC. This is done with specially developed driver and WinEKG Pro recording and monitoring SW.

Our TM Pro 2200 Treadmill is used with our Ars Efor Pro ECG Stress Test Systems. It is specially designed to meet the requirements of cardiologic applications. Speed and slope can be set automatically. This control is performed by the PC using special driver software.

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